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Setting industry standards for carbon reduction

Through a series of innovative business and individual staff sustainability schemes, we're leading the way when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. We have approved Science-Based Targets in place for 2030 and fund key sustainability schemes through our tree planting, carbon removals and offsetting partner, Ecologi.

We regularly measure and share our carbon footprint data and are committed to helping others by open-sourcing our tools and strategy. Many of our agencies have developed sustainable customer offerings, from low-carbon film shoots and websites to campaigns that specifically highlight our client's own sustainability journey. All of our agencies are supported by our central team of experts at MSQ Sustain.

VIEW OUR PROGRESSLink to https://ecologi.com/msq

Introducing the 2023 MSQ Sustainability Report

Our annual Sustainability Report is an in-depth look at MSQ’s total emissions and emissions per head, as well as breaking down our Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.

Launched as a low carbon website, the report also provides expert analysis on the wider industry’s progress in sustainability over the past 12 months, tackling key issues such as developing low carbon digital platforms, creating marketing campaigns that change behaviours and policies, and building momentum around sustainability comms within an organisation.

VIEW THE REPORTLink to https://www.sustainability.msqpartners.com/

Innovative thinking in carbon removals

Using our creative skills to highlight the importance of carbon removals - rather than just offsetting - is incredibly important to us. Which is we we’re proud to have launched Covent Carbon Capture, a new first-of-its-kind service fuelled by creative and tech capabilities across MSQ agencies to capture carbon emissions.

Working alongside climate solution company Ecologi to promote its latest carbon removal solution, Biochar, the project removes the equivalent amount of greenhouse gasses produced by vehicles that pass by our London HQ on Bow Street, sitting at the heart of Covent Garden. This is done through specially created tech which captures vehicle emissions data from every car that passes by the 10m stretch of road in one of the busiest areas in the UK.

SEE IT IN ACTIONLink to https://www.coventcarboncapture.com/