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MSQ Data has more than 60 specialists dedicated to providing global and local brands with leading data, insight and tech capabilities. We work closely with our clients to unlock audience insights, enabling marketing technologies and delivering data-powered ideas that solve business problems and identify new opportunities.

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Marketing Effectiveness

Using cutting-edge measurement assessments, data collection methods and customer experience data-driven mapping, we use data to tell more effective stories that target the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

– MSQ Effectiveness Approach
– Customer Experience Mapping

Data Consulting

Our team of experienced data and technology consultants provide expert oversight for all data-driven projects. Working closely with our clients' in-house teams, we maximise the use of data and insight across businesses, leveraging our ability to distil complexity and use data to tell compelling and impactful stories.

– Business Roadmaps
– Data Storytelling
– Business Case & Scenario Planning

Martech Enablement

Through proprietary tools and numerous expert partners, we help clients enable and implement the marketing technologies that will deliver efficient and effective customer experiences. Meanwhile our Consulting Division uses industry-leading frameworks to align a client's digital vision, strategy and delivery.

– Full Suite Adobe Platforms
– Full Suite Salesforce Platforms
– Google Cloud Platform
– Technology Agnostic Evaluation & Design

Research and Insight

Best-in-class social and search listening, qual and quant research, 3rd party audience profiling, brand tracking, market attitudinal segmentation and audience research analysis allows us to help clients get closer to their customers. Understanding their behaviours, actions and relationships with brands.

– Qual & Quant Research
– Social Listening
– Audience Profiling

Marketing Science

We have subject matter experts across data science and engineering to help brands unlock the power of their data and build more effective marketing experiences. This can range from data engineering to data architecture, data hosting and management, media modelling and attribution, model production and enablement, econometrics, automation and predictive modelling.

– Machine Learning & AI
– Predictive Modelling
– Data Infrastructure (audit, management & enhancement)

Analytics and Reporting

Working in conjunction with or as an extension of a client's insight team, we provide best-in-class data visualisation services, creating bespoke reporting suites, which encompass all aspects of campaign, creative, customer, digital, CRM and media analytics. We also develop leading customer and marketing segmentations - including attitudinal, first-party and third-party data - across local and global brands.

– Data Visualisation
– Audience & Market Segmentation
– Campaign & Creative Analytics

Tools and Partners

We have access to a multitude of data-driven technologies, tools and applications deployed as required for every brief we work on. We're channel and tech agnostic, meaning we'll recommend (and have the ability to work with) the tools and partners that are right for you, not what we're forced to work with. 

Our experience is broad and deep - we hold relationships with those behind the world's most prominent data services, as well as those offering more targeted tools in audience management, analytics and measurement, communications delivery and design. 


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