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Winning in the World of Gamer Consumers: Unlock the Nuances and Opportunities


Sanjana Mathur


19 Feb 2024


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Gaming has truly transformed into a global phenomenon, boasting a staggering $249 billion in revenue in 2023 (Statista, 2023). It’s a permanent fixture in households across the world. Serving as the ideal medium for individuals to connect, unleash creativity, and immerse themselves in virtual worlds, gaming has transcended the realm of entertainment.

This evolution extends beyond gaming itself; it has intertwined with social media, influencers, and the gaming community, creating avenues for brands to forge connections with consumers. In a world where approximately 3 billion active video game players exist globally (Exploding Topics, 2023), the sheer magnitude of this industry’s consumer base goes beyond a few catch all personas. 

For brands, this presents an enormous opportunity. The real challenge lies in delving into the depths of consumer understanding, to uncover those elusive golden opportunities and the right fit. This is precisely where Freemavens steps in. We possess the expertise to leverage data and pinpoint opportunities that will propel your growth to new heights.

This article delves into the expansive gaming consumer landscape, exploring how data can be harnessed to unlock growth pathways for businesses. We’ll explain how the crucial aspect of selecting opportunities that resonate authentically with your brand and the gaming community. Join us as we navigate the dynamic and promising intersection of gaming, data, and brand authenticity.

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Let’s explore the diverse world of gaming consumers by introducing a few of our own Freemaven ‘players’ – Emma, JP, and Aimee.

Meet Emma, our ‘Cosy Explorer,’ immersed in the Nintendo Switch and mobile gaming universe. She finds joy in whimsical graphics, drawn to titles like Animal Crossing and Ooblets. Emma likes to indulge in puzzles and multiplayer like Mario Party. Her goal is unwinding with meaningful narratives and connecting with friends online. 

Now, JP, the ‘Hardcore Simulator,’ is a dedicated PC gamer hooked on titles like Elden Ring and Call of Duty. Armed with a mouse and keyboard, he craves intense gameplay. JP seeks an adrenaline rush and realism. Escaping reality and experiencing life simulations are his primary motivations.

Next up is Aimee, our ‘Explorer Questor,’ an avid Xbox gamer who enjoys visually stunning platformers and exploration titles like Ori and Hogwarts Legacy. She values games that offer a mental challenge. Aimee plays for entertainment and intellectual stimulation. 

Even within the confines of our office, each gamer is unique. Leading mobile gaming specialist, categorize gamers broadly into ‘hyper-casual,’ ‘casual,’ ‘midcore,’ and ‘hardcore.’ While these distinctions provide useful insights into gaming preferences and engagement levels, it’s not enough information to identifying strategic opportunities for consumer brands.

To help brands gain a diversified understanding of existing and potential consumers, Freemavens take a comprehensive approach, examining gamers at scale to uncover shared interests. Our analysts compile audience profiles based on conversations about specific topics, providing a broader understanding of motivations beyond gaming. Our tools scan this data, identifying correlations such as affinities to specific interests, brands, or influencers.

By adopting a more nuanced approach brands gain a rich understanding of their target audience. This sets the stage for more fruitful and tailored strategic initiatives in the dynamic gaming landscape.

XP Gained: Insights 

By recognizing shared hobbies, lifestyle choices, or cultural affinities, brands can seamlessly integrate into consumers’ daily lives, creating connections that extend beyond gaming. This dual approach empowers brands to personalise their engagement strategies effectively. 

Blending insights from the gaming category with the wider passions of gamers and wider cultural drivers can help business identify new growth opportunities. Whether through partnerships with influencers, cross-industry collaborations, or aligning with cultural movements, brands can authentically extend their reach. This holistic strategy ensures that brands not only play in the gaming space but also emerge as winners by creating meaningful and lasting connections with consumers.

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With the opportunities in the gaming space at an all-time high, a common challenge persists—the risk of poor connection. The linchpin for a successful strategy resides in cultivating an authentic connection between the brand and the gamer.

Authenticity is pivotal for brands navigating opportunities in the gaming industry. Establishing trust and credibility is essential as gamers seek genuine connections. Brands who find common ground and shared interests can position themselves as authentic contributors. In the competitive gaming landscape, authenticity not only enhances brand loyalty but also ensures a lasting and meaningful presence within the gaming community.

Mountain Dew’s partnership with the Halo franchise is a great example of a brand leveraging an authentic connection. Renowned for embodying energy, excitement, and youth culture, Mountain Dew has a firmly established identity. The collaboration with Halo seamlessly aligns with this vibrant image. Forging a powerful synergy that deeply connects with their mutual consumer base. It’s a testament to how brands can authentically resonate with their audience by forging partnerships that align with their core values.

Level Up

Step into the vast realm of gaming, where Freemavens stands as your strategic ally. Leveraging Freemavens’ diverse range of capabilities, brands can delve into the intricate passions of audiences, explore the cultural impact of gaming, and uncover category and whitespace opportunities.

Our consumer mapping tool – Tribes – ensures your strategic positioning resonates authentically with your target audience. Tribes will also help your business to establish genuine brand connections, which go beyond generic gaming preferences and extend into the broader tapestry of consumer interests and beyond.

Enter Terrain, our category mapping tool, designed to assist brands in understanding the gap between what the category is pushing versus what consumer are seeking. This valuable insight helps identify whitespace opportunities that can turbocharge your growth.

Levelling up further – TILT – our award-winning tool, can help you understand the multiverse of signals that boost or block your specific performance. From this we can develop strategic activation ideas that supercharge your growth. 

Embark on a journey fuelled by data-driven insights and pioneering strategies that promise to unlock the full potential of your brands. 

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