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The Future of Automotive Marketing… 5 questions with The AA’s Will Harrison


Matt Williams


15 May 2023


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Very few industries witness change at the pace of the automotive sector. Indeed, in our recent Joined-up Thinking magazine, focusing specifically on auto marketing, MSQ’s Head of Global Studios called the industry ‘the mother of production innovation’ – and it’s hard to argue otherwise.

Our magazine launched towards the end of 2022 to really understand the key themes that are shaping the auto industry now and in the future. Featuring research and insight from auto marketing leaders and experts across the group, we covered everything from building emotion in the customer journey to new purchasing trends, from automotive advertising in the electric age to how marketers are attempting to connect the disconnected.

And now, we’re digging even deeper. We’ve told you what we think, but how are marketers working within the automotive and mobility-related industries tackling the challenges and opportunities facing them?

In our new series of interviews, we’re posing the experts five key questions. And first in the hot seat is Will Harrison, Group Brand Director of The AA. Leading one of the UK’s most revered brands, Will is taking The AA on a transformational journey as it increases its engagement with customers both old and new.

Check out the below to find out:

The big marketing opportunities for businesses like The AA right now (00:16)
How The AA is tackling different demographics (01:39)
The key challenges for automotive marketers with the emergence of EVs (03:01)
The most exciting long-term opportunities for automotive marketers (03:56)
How The AA is balancing long-term and short-term goals (05:00)

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