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The Future of Automotive Marketing… 5 Questions with Carwow’s Ben Carter


Kirath Pahdi


15 Aug 2023


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The automotive sector is one of the most influential when it comes to production, marketing and innovation, making it a somewhat daunting space to crack down on from a business perspective, particularly thanks to its fast-paced advancements throughout recent years. That’s why MSQ focused on the world of automotive for our most recent Joined-up Thinking magazine that was launched towards the end of 2022.

Covering topics such as emotion within the customer journey to new purchasing trends and automotive advertising in the electric age, we’ve now gone a step further by interviewing industry experts to shed their light on how best to tackle such a broad sector.

Having already spoken to Will Harrison, Group Brand Director of The AA for our first interview, next to provide expertise is Global Chief Marketing Officer of Carwow, Ben Carter. The online marketplace for buying and selling cars is a driving force within the reverse marketplace model, and Ben digs deep into the opportunities and changing marketing strategies with his extensive experience in mind.

Check out the below to find out:

Carwow’s big marketing opportunities (00:14)
How investment in marketing channels is changing (01:25)
Long-term versus short-term marketing (02:15)
Marketing strategies approaching EVs (03:26)
The changing role as a marketer (04:31)

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