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The Art of Connecting the Disconnected


Bart Michels


13 Feb 2023


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The last few years have been anything but ordinary. We’ve traversed through economic, political and social crisis, seemingly on a daily – sometimes, hourly! – basis. From it some winners have emerged. But there have also been many, many losers. And for everyone, life and work has changed. Forever.

A new way of operating in pursuit of growth in business has been established that is a combination of necessity, pragmatism, innovation, and new best practice.

From our privileged position at the intersection of marketing, technology and data, we have seen this change at close hand. We have observed the challenges presented and opportunities taken.

Which is where our latest study was born. Our ambition was to explore and decode what changes have taken place in order to help encode a new formula for value creation and growth in a new era.

To understand this at a more meaningful level, we spoke to 50 leaders from client organisations across marketing, data and technology functions and across brands and businesses in multiple categories.

At several levels, we found that, with all the external forces potentially creating increasing distance and potential division, the key to success was in the ability to find points of connection. Whether at a human, technological, process or information level, those companies and people that were able to connect the disconnected found their way to value and growth faster.

We call this the art of Connectonomics – the ability to find connections that create value for brands, businesses and customers. And doing so in a number of different ways:

  1. Mastering new cultures and operating models
  2. Reimagining the art of leadership
  3. Seeking a single view of everything
  4. Championing directed data
  5. Delivering mega pragmatic innovation
  6. Baking in creative treasures

In our latest White Paper, we dive in to each of the above areas in detail. We hear from CMOs, CTOs and CIOs who are doing it well. We look at the fresh challenges that each driver brings and we look at where new investment and structural shifts need to be made. 

Download the White Paper here. And if you’d like to find out more, or join our community of C-suite leaders for further panel discussions, bespoke roundtables and intimate knowledge sharing sessions, please get in touch with Rajet Gamhiouen on rajet.gamhiouen@msqpartners.com.

Connecting the Disconnected report

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