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Ramadan Reflections: Insights for Brands by Freemavens


Aimee Dowds Roddy


8 Apr 2024


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This week marks Laylat al-Qadr, also known as the 'Night of Power,' during Ramadan. This significant day commemorates the night when Allah revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad. To honour our Muslim colleagues and the billions worldwide observing Ramadan, we've had open conversations with members of our team. Sabira, Aska and Salah have all shared their personal reflections, experiences, and the significance of this special time. 

What does Ramadan mean to you, and how do you approach it?


During Ramadan, I focus on self-improvement through reflection and learning. It's a deeply spiritual time for me, allowing me to assess the past year and set goals for growth. I write down my objectives and refer to them daily, whether it's increasing prayers or donating more, to ensure I'm progressing throughout the month.


Ramadan is the month when I feel closest to my God. It provides an opportunity for me to pursue both personal and religious goals. For me, it's a time to cleanse my soul and deepen my spiritual connection.


Ramadan offers a chance to reset not just bad habits, but also eating habits. While it's common to overindulge when breaking the fast, I see this time as an opportunity to benefit both my body and spirit. It's a grounding experience for me, especially through the spiritual practices like daily prayers.
After completing my morning prayers, I begin work early and make it a priority to tackle important tasks early in the day. As the day progresses, around 2 pm, I often experience fatigue and dizziness due to fasting. Therefore, I ensure to take breaks and rest during this time. Thankfully, at Freemavens, I have the flexibility to communicate my progress effectively.

Are there any Ramadan traditions that are particularly special to you? 


Breaking the fast with dates and water is tradition during Ramadan, symbolising the end of the fast. My family also enjoys specific Bengali dishes such as Kisuri with samosas and spring rolls when we break our fast. 


Gathering with my family is my favourite part of Ramadan, particularly the two days before Eid. We all travel home, allowing us all to celebrate Eid together. With my family spread across the world, finding a time to meet can be challenging. This is a special tradition and time for us to reconnect.


Ramadan brings people together; without that aspect of community, it wouldn’t be as special. 

How do you celebrate Eid al-Fitr, and what does it mean to you?


Eid for me means following the traditions of Prophet Muhammad – dressing in a special outfit, savouring a delightful Eid breakfast, joining in Eid prayers, and gathering with family to exchange gifts and share in each other's company. 


I celebrate Eid with my extended family, marking the conclusion to the holy month of Ramadan. It's a wonderful occasion where we come together to celebrate the goals we set out to achieve during Ramadan.


Now that I'm a father, Ramadan brings back the excitement I experienced as a child. It's a time for celebration, feasting, and spending quality moments with loved ones. 

Are there any insights you've gained from observing Ramadan that you apply to your life all year round?

Sabira, Aska & Salah 

Ramadan teaches us resilience and self-control, two invaluable lessons that extend beyond the spiritual realm. Applying this mindset aids in improving ways of working, fostering discipline, and enhancing productivity.

Does Ramadan feel any different for you this year? 


Firstly, I am grateful for what I have and for my own personal experiences. Secondly, as I fast, I think about those who are experiencing hardship without the choice to abstain from food and drink. My own fasting experience gives me with a glimpse into the reality of others. It motivates me to raise awareness for those who are suffering and do what I can to help.


This Ramadan feels especially tough, knowing so many are going through unimaginable hardship...it deepens my appreciation for the blessings in my life. 


The impact of what others are going through is felt by everyone, transcending religious and cultural boundaries. The knowledge that so many individuals are suffering, and the feeling of helplessness in being unable to alleviate it.

Our role at Freemavens is to help business and brands understand people to build brands which engage with consumers in a meaningful, fresh and authentic way. Which brands are getting it right and why?


Huda Beauty stands out in the makeup industry for several compelling reasons. As a Muslim-owned brand, it has gained prominence by delivering high-quality products and inclusive ranges that respond directly to consumer demands. Huda Kattan, the owner, has been a trailblazer within the Muslim makeup community, embodying a successful business figure in the beauty world.

What sets Huda Beauty apart is its strong social media presence. Kattan's engagement has been particularly impactful during critical moments for the Muslim community, resonating deeply with her audience, especially Muslim women. Moreover, Huda Beauty's commitment to social causes has distinguished it during times of heightened scrutiny over brand alliances. 

The brand's halal certification, Muslim ownership, and stance as an ally to important causes make it a standout choice for those seeking to support ethical, community-minded businesses.


Ben & Jerry's is a brand that truly stands out for their bold stance on social issues. In a climate where businesses often shy away from taking strong positions to protect sales, Ben & Jerry's fearlessly speaks out regardless of the consequences. Their commitment to doing what's right, even when it's not easy, resonates deeply with us and many others who value integrity over convenience.

Supporting our diverse talent to excel at work in parallel with respecting religious or cultural festivals is at the core of our culture. What has Freemavens done to support you and the Muslim community during Ramadan? 


I feel fortunate to be able to work from home during Ramadan while many of my family and friends still must adhere to regular work schedules. The flexibility provided by Freemavens allows us the freedom to observe Ramadan in a way that aligns with our traditions. 


Freemavens strikes a great balance by offering us the flexibility to work in a manner that respects our observance of Ramadan, all without causing unnecessary disruption or drawing excessive attention within the company.

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