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Planning for the Changing Digital Landscape


Matt Williams


2 Apr 2023


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The end of 3rd party cookies, transparent accountable digital media, data regulations, the Metaverse… marketing teams face an unenviable job ensuring they’re match-fit for the current and future digital world. So it’s perhaps no surprise that in MSQ Procurefest's survey of leading marketing and procurement chiefs, ‘planning for the changing digital landscape’ was identified as the number one biggest challenge facing teams right now.

With that in mind, our digital experts from 26 picked out 10 key considerations for all brands to help shape their digital strategy in the current landscape. Check out the main takeaways from our panellists...

Alex Blaikley, Media Director, twentysix
Ben Bisco, Strategy & Planning Director, twentysix
Abby White, Head of PR & Communications, twentysix
Duncan Wood, Managing Partner, Ingenuity

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