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MSQ Commerce in 2024: Where the future in store is everywhere


Kirath Pahdi


17 Jan 2024


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The traditional customer journey has been disrupted, and consumption (both digitally and in-store) isn’t as simple as it once had been. With the evolution of every channel, trend and tech breakthrough, commerce has to respond accordingly. So how do we keep on top of that?

The answer lies with MSQ Commerce; our new, integrated offer that enables brands to capitalise on the biggest shifts in e-commerce. Where the future in store, is everywhere. 

Removing barriers to add sales, meeting B2B and B2C customers’ increasing demand for richer, more intuitive and immersive experiences; we’re combining creative, tech, media, social and data to provide bespoke solutions using our expertise in innovation and agility. MSQ Commerce helps businesses build an effective and constant presence, moving fast and with collaboration at the core of our strategies.

For more on MSQ Commerce, check out some of our capabilities and client work in our introductory video below.

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