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Joined-up Thinking Magazine – Redefining Edition


Matt Williams


26 Jan 2021


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So maybe 2021 isn’t going to brush all of 2020’s problems under the rug. But however far away the end of lockdowns, pandemics and uncertainty feels when you’re up to your eyeballs in homeschooling, altered business plans and yet more Zoom calls, we hope 2021 will eventually bring with it change for the right reasons too. 

Because if there’s any any positive to come from seeing the rule book ripped up in the abrupt and shocking way that it was last year, it’s that you then get a new opportunity to rewrite it, in a more powerful and forward-thinking manner. 

It’s this thought that we’re excited to cover in the latest issue of Joined-up Thinking. How can a fresh start redefine key challenges and sectors in the most powerful ways? 

We look at what it means to redefine trust, loyalty and privacy in marketing. We consider what the new world order means for creativity, sustainability and B2B. And we see how marketers must react to dramatic changes in areas such as production, UX and agile ways of working. 

2021 looks to be one hell of a ride. We hope the magazine below can help you buckle up.


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