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Freemavens’ Employee Spotlighting Success Stories: Daniel Santos


Aimee Dowds Roddy


4 Jan 2024


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We’re taking a moment to pause and take stock of our amazing staff and celebrate how far they’ve come since starting their journey with us. Nurturing home-grown talent is embedded into our culture and there’s nothing we enjoy more than a full circle moment when one of our employees reaches their next career milestone. 

Meet Daniel Santos. Throughout his five-year tenure, Daniel has contributed to our Analytics and Data Science initiatives, helping bolster our success. Let’s deep dive into his Freemavens journey… 

Hailing from Portugal, Daniel pursued a degree in Biochemistry at the NOVA University of Science and Technology, honing skills in analysis, statistics, and data management that would prove invaluable in the future. Following graduation, he made a spontaneous decision to relocate to London, a move he fondly refers to as a ‘whim’.

Daniel initially entered the workforce as a Sales Executive but quickly realised that sales wasn’t his true calling. Opting for a career shift toward marketing, he seized an opportunity in 2018 when Freemavens had an opening for an Analyst—a role that demanded minimal experience but a keen willingness to learn. Soon, Daniel found himself facing an interview with our Strategy Partner, Mehmet Fidanboylu, who, impressed by Daniel’s analytical background, warmly welcomed him as a valuable addition to the team.

Stepping into Freemavens, Daniel encountered a new world of insights. Adjusting to the intricacies of an Analyst’s role took a moment. Although he navigated anything data-related easily, grasping the concept of consumer insights posed more of a challenge. Fortunately, Daniel’s manager at the time played a crucial role in assisting him. By encouraging him to step back and contemplate the broader perspective and overarching goals, she helped him reshape his thought process.

Over the following two years, Daniel committed himself to refining his skills in extracting consumer insights from data and elevating his strategic thinking. His hard work was rewarded in 2020, when he earned a promotion to Senior Analyst.

Daniel continued to refine his skills, which was significantly influenced by the guidance of two outstanding Team Lead colleagues, Florine Aulas and Jess Febvre. These individuals stood out as passionate professionals deeply committed to their work. Their analytical prowess is complemented by a strong commitment to substantiating hypotheses with concrete facts. Daniel attributes a substantial portion of his learning and professional growth to working with these two formidable women.

Since first joining Freemavens, Daniel had developed a keen interest in Data Science, often delving into its intricacies during his personal time. Daniel invested countless hours studying diverse data sources, mastering the art of collecting, cleaning, and presenting data, and acquainting himself with the various tools commonly used in Data Science. 

As Daniel’s interest in Data Science grew, Freemavens proactively sought to provide avenues for him to delve deeper into his passion. This journey started with small internal projects and gradually progressed to client-centric initiatives, allowing him to refine his skills. Daniel’s application of his newfound expertise came to fruition through the introduction of the internal documentation system he developed. Additionally, he held a masterclass in Excel, elevating our Analytics team’s skills and providing them with the tools to excel (pun intended) in their day-to-day responsibilities.

By 2021, Daniel wanted to make a permanent change into the field of Data Science. Recognising Daniel’s commendable track record in both internal and external projects, the leadership team appointed him as a Junior Data Scientist. Andrzej Moyseowicz remarks, “What makes Daniel an exceptional Data Scientist is his understanding of how Analysts think and work, seamlessly transferring these skills into his Data Wizardry.”

Since then, Daniel has consistently delivered valuable contributions to the Data Science team, notably enhancing one of our award winning tools, TILT. His dedication to refining his craft and tireless work ethic have not gone unnoticed, resulting in Daniel’s well-deserved promotion to Data Scientist in 2023.

Throughout the years, Daniel has played a significant role in shaping the Freemavens culture. He served as a vital member of the Social Committee for an extended period, taking the lead in organising our Pride Month activities, which featured a drag show and an informative newsletter aimed at promoting awareness and inclusivity. He is also an active adventurer in Freemavens’ coveted Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Reflecting on his time at Freemavens so far, Daniel believes it has broadened his horizons on who and where he can derive knowledge from. He emphasizes, “You can learn things from the most unexpected places, if you are open to it.” For those contemplating a career in Analytics or Data Science, Daniel offers a few pieces of advice. Firstly, absorb as much information as possible early on; it will accelerate your learning curve. Embrace opportunities that come your way; tackling challenges head-on and figuring out solutions is a valuable skill. Never hesitate to ask questions; seeking clarification is crucial for your learning journey. And last but not least, master Excel—it’s an indispensable tool in any field.

Looking back at Daniel’s journey with Freemavens is makes us so proud of his achievements. We eagerly anticipate what the future holds for Daniel. Begin your own professional journey with Freemavens by exploring our current job openings and reaching out to our recruitment team.


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