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Empowering Women: Shared Strength and Insights


Sanjana Mathur


7 Mar 2024


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Today, we’re not just marking International Women’s Day (IWD); we’re lighting a fire. A fire that ignites the passion to empower, the courage to pioneer, and the grit to redefine the status quo. IWD is a global celebration of the achievements of women in various spheres. This year’s 2024 theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” is a call to action to create an environment where all women are valued and respected.

Women have always had to navigate a complex landscape, one where stereotypes and biases can hinder their progress. We’re determined to change that narrative. Our commitment to gender equality and diversity is not just a checkbox; it’s an integral part of our culture. We believe that true diversity isn’t just about numbers; it’s about creating a culture where everyone feels heard, respected, and empowered. 

As we celebrate the achievements of our female colleagues, we also want to honour their femininity, vibrance, and power. The women we’re introducing are skilled, courageous, and authentic, yet they also embody warmth, kindness, and humour. They serve as a reminder that women can seamlessly balance power, professionalism, and vibrancy in all aspects of their lives.

Lauren Warnock
Director, Analytics

“I lead the Analytics function at Freemavens; overseeing delivery excellence, evolving our offering and nurturing our wonderful talent. Outside of work I balance exploring new restaurants and fitness classes with my love of trash tv – which fulfil my competing needs to experience new things and other times completely shut off mentally.”

What aspect of being a woman are you most proud of, and how has it influenced your career path?

“I’m most proud of the deep genuine friendships that I’ve been able to build personally and professionally, and always loved working in the insights industry that tends to attract a lot of female talent.”

Lauren’s advice 

“Seek out your fellow women at work – building a network where I can be open and honest about my experiences and challenges has helped me to better articulate them and learn how others have navigated them. Be the advocate you want to see, it’s often easier to champion others vs ourselves, and always look out for the next generation of women coming behind you.”

Aman Hundal
Director, Client Services

“I lead Client Services and new business development. My main responsibilities are driving revenue growth and client relationships. One of my biggest passions outside of work is boxing. I’ve been boxing for a few years, and I love learning new tricks from spinning back kicks to flying knees! It’s a great way to release some stress after a long day. My other big passion is fashion. I love how it can transform the way you feel and bring a different vibe to each client meeting, sparking interesting conversations! I like switching up my style depending on my mood, and believe fashion is a superpower for driving confidence and a sense of empowerment”

What aspect of being a woman are you most proud of, and how has it influenced your career path?

“Resilience! I’m often amazed at just how much resilience the females in my life showcase, and I learn so much from it. Women often demonstrate extraordinary strength in overcoming challenges, within their personal and professional lives, despite societal pressures. This has influenced my career path; I’ve been told I have an impressive ability to overcome unexpected and last-minute challenges at work and keep my cool. With most of my career being in sales and in commercial focused roles, there can be a lot of pressure and things don’t always go the way you’d expect! I’ve learned to appreciate the wins and take any losses in my stride, keeping an eye on the bigger picture.”

Aman’s advice

“Don’t lose sight of the big picture – you’ll face many hurdles along the way but learn to be grateful for the positive and bounce back from the challenges. Your career is a journey and no journey is smooth sailing… carve the path that works best for you but don’t be afraid to adapt when needed.

Always display empathy – It’s critical to understand and empathise with others, this doesn’t make you weak, it’s a huge strength that women have and we should embrace it. 

Be authentic – Whilst it’s important to learn from others, stay true to yourself and adopt your own style. You have your own strengths that are truly unique to you, embrace these and stand out!”

Sanjana Mathur
Director, Strategy

“I’m part of the Strategy team at Freemavens, I help global brands translate insights into action. My go-to ways to unwind are gaming and audiobooks, immersing in new worlds and new characters. When I have more creative energy to spend, I turn to painting as an outlet. Hybrid working has allowed my husband and I to welcome a furry addition to our family—a dog! . On those WFH days, she helps me make that transition from work-mode into life-mode, helpfully reminding me when she’s ready for a walk at 6pm!

What aspect of being a woman are you most proud of, and how has it influenced your career path?

“Resilience and versatility for sure. Earlier this week, a colleague called me an honorary member of the Analytics team. During my creative agency days, I got to be an honorary member of the design team. Through a previous hybrid role, I’ve been in the shoes of client management as well. My ability to wear different hats means I have been able to bridge different teams throughout my career – collaboration that’s led to really great work.”

Sanjana’s Advice

“Don’t wait for permission, don’t wait for the circumstances to be right. Find out how your role creates value and double down on whatever it takes to achieve that. Alternate your perspective to zoom between the big picture (what matters) and being in the weeds (how to do it). If you’re further along in your career and it’s your turn to foster inclusivity, make it count. Encourage individual voices in the group. One to one, say the unsaid. TLDR of the book ‘Radical Candour’: honest feedback delivered with care.”

Yin Su
Project Operations Manager

“My role is to create efficiencies and drive effectiveness of processes across every aspect of the business, with a particular focus on project delivery.​ Outside of work, you’ll find me going out for long walks, learning a new recipe, writing, or checking out an art exhibition. These contribute massively to my sense of well-being as it gives me the opportunity to disconnect, reflect, and feel more grounded.

What aspect of being a woman are you most proud of, and how has it influenced your career path?

“Unfortunately, my father passed away when I was five, but I was very lucky to be raised by an incredibly headstrong, independent woman. My mum held down a job and raised me and my two sisters by herself. She made sure we were studious, disciplined, and hardworking from a young age which has now manifested into us having successful careers!”

Yin’s advice

“Be open to change in your career — not everyone will be 100% set on what they want to do from the get-go. My career path and industry has pivoted a few times, but it led me down a route I didn’t expect, so make sure you allow flexibility for opportunity. 

Keep investing in yourself and never stop learning — this shouldn’t just be applied to work either. By building up knowledge, observing, and having new experiences, our perspective broadens and changes how we see the world. It improves our behaviour, and the way we think by expanding and challenging our understanding.”

Latifa Winston
Talent Acquistion Partner

“I focus mainly on permanent hires across the different teams in the business. My hobbies outside of work include cooking, nutrition and working out.”

What aspect of being a woman are you most proud of, and how has it influenced your career path?

“As a woman, what I’m most proud of is embracing the freedom to be whoever I choose to be and marching to the rhythm of my own drum. Throughout my life, I’ve often placed others, who appeared more established, on a pedestal while doubting my own greatness. But now, I’m proud to have reached a mental space where I refuse to diminish myself to accommodate others. As a woman, I recognise my innate ability to navigate through the toughest of situations, and I relish the moments when I surprise myself with my capabilities. This mindset has influenced my career journey. Despite not following the conventional path of attending university like many of my peers, I’ve worked hard to carve out my own success. And I take immense pride in that accomplishment. 

Latifa’s advice

“You’re not better than anyone else, but NO ONE is better than you. Whoever you are and whatever type of woman you are be that cis, trans, young or old, nobody is you, and that is your secret weapon. Apply for that role, go for that workout class, meet your friends for that coffee, wear the dress you think looks better on ‘that’ body type than yours – what I mean to say is GO FOR IT! Don’t ever doubt yourself or shrink yourself to “fit in”. Stand out, be bold, and be a pioneer in what you truly believe in.”

Rose Lyn Estella
Insights Analyst

“As an insight analyst, my role involves deciphering data to uncover patterns and insights that help brands in understanding their consumers and cultures swiftly. Additionally, I’m deeply invested in contributing to Freemavens Social and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) Committees. Beyond work, I find joy in indulging in brunch outings with friends and exploring new culinary treasures across London. I’m dedicated to representing my East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) heritage and promoting the belief that women can accomplish anything they set their minds to. These passions provide me with immense fulfilment and serve as driving forces behind my efforts to make meaningful contributions, both within my career and in the broader community. 

What aspect of being a woman are you most proud of, and how has it influenced your career path?

“In this social media era, women also experience the added pressure of conforming to often unattainable beauty standards. Observing women tackle these challenges with poise and determination is truly inspiring. In a world where leadership and business ownership have traditionally been male-dominated, I am motivated to break the mould. My ambition is to demonstrate that women are not only capable of succeeding in these fields but can also lead with distinction, challenging outdated stereotypes and inspiring the next generation of women to dream big and aim high.”

Rose’s advice

“Don’t be afraid to express yourself and value your own perspective, recognising that your voice counts. However, it’s equally important to cultivate the art of listening. I firmly believe that by listening attentively, we gain a deeper understanding of any situation, which in turn enables us to articulate our thoughts and opinions more effectively. Don’t hesitate to ask questions; curiosity is a sign of eagerness to learn, not a lack of knowledge. Remember, it’s perfectly acceptable to say ‘no’ when necessary. In an age where social media blurs the lines between fact and fiction, knowledge is crucial.”

Let’s remember that empowerment isn’t a one-way street. It’s about creating a culture of mutual respect and appreciation. These pioneering women exemplify the spirit of “Inspire Inclusion,” and we’re proud to have them as part of the Freemavens family.

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