The Smallprint

Our policies

The policy documents are updated annually and made available to new joiners as part of initial orientation.

As an employee-owned, UK-based group, MSQ has developed a series of corporate policies to guide the operations of our individual agencies. Each of the MSQ agencies has taken specific actions to implement these policies.

MSQ, and all of our agencies, have a commitment to the highest standards of good corporate citizenship. This is manifested by publishing, updating and actively implementing our polices in the areas of:

  • People (operating our workplaces)
  • Environment (use of consumables)
  • Ethics (the way we do business)

We believe having high standards makes good business sense because it helps us to:

  • Attract and retain the best people in our agencies.
  • Generate new business by being seen as good partners by our clients.
  • Improve the efficiency of our operations to reduce costs.

We don’t view being a good corporate citizen as an obligation. We see it as an opportunity.

As professionals in marketing communication we recognise we have a responsibility to adopt high standards not only in the way we run our own businesses but in the content and nature of the campaigns we create and manage for our clients.

These areas of policy are often described under the heading of “sustainability” or “corporate social responsibility.” 

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