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We created a new brand platform to position Very and its customers as vibrant, pink flamingos, transforming everyday experiences into something wonderful.

Let's make it sparkle...

We created a new brand platform to bring to life Very’s revitalised brand strategy; ‘there’s good, and there’s Very good’. Launched ahead of Very's busiest period - Christmas - our work kicked off with an epic TV campaign, featuring a dull cityscape where grey pigeons and pink flamingos are dutifully Christmas shopping. However, this everyday activity is about to be transformed into something magical...

Long-term magic

‘Let’s Make It Sparkle’ taps into Very customers’ mindset, their vibrancy, zest for life, fun and a touch of glamour. Grounded in audience insight, the new brand platform is built to deliver success over the short and long term. Following their debut in the Christmas ad, the fabulous flamingos continue to infuse the brand with rich personality and excitement to drive brand love and recognition. Like Very customers, they are unapologetically loud and proud about living life to the full.

MSQ demonstrated richer customer knowledge and outstanding strategic thinking, resulting in a truly distinctive creative idea to excite customers and galvanise our organisation.

Jessica Myers, Chief Marketing Officer, The Very Group

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