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Less Malarkey, More SMARTY, brings to life SMARTY’s simple and honest approach to mobile, poking fun at needless complications in our daily lives.

Less Malarkey, More SMARTY

Our new brand strategy showcased SMARTY's mission to bring simplicity, transparency and trust to an industry often associated with complication and confusion. 

The campaign centred around two films, showcasing a farmer who only accepts payment in crypto currency for his potatoes and onions, and a customer who struggles to buy plain white paint in a store with a sea of white paint options. Karl Pilkington, the king of no-nonsense, is the voice of the campaign, with the TV ad supported by a number of fun, cheeky outdoor executions. 

Achieving record breaking results

Conceived by a joined-up MSQ team incorporating creative and strategic specialists, customer engagement and PR expertise, our campaign is continuously assessed and optimised to inform future channel strategies and produce work that gets SMARTY even closer to its customers. 

And the work is already smashing all targets, achieving 34% PBA in 2023 (versus a 32% target) and achieving an average NPS score of 61, ahead of its target score of 58. 

MSQ truly understands our brand and the message we want to convey to our customers.

Sayed Hajamaideen, Head of Brand & Marketing Communications, SMARTY Mobile

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