Our people

Our people are experts in their fields of communication and the owners of our group.

We are driven to find creative, effective and consistent business solutions because these lead to enduring and profitable client relationships.

We know that making our clients successful delivers success for ourselves.

  • Matthew Clementse

    Matthew Clements

  • Michael Deee

    Michael Dee

  • Helen Hourstone

    Helen Hourston

  • Guy Sharmane

    Guy Sharman

  • Tom Steine

    Tom Stein

  • Peter Reide

    Peter Reid

  • Rod Jonese

    Rod Jones

  • Reuben Webbe

    Reuben Webb

  • Anne Labordee

    Anne Laborde

  • James Champe

    James Champ

  • Caroline Kimbere

    Caroline Kimber

  • Pippa Arlowe

    Pippa Arlow

  • Selina Wallacee

    Selina Wallace

  • Beri Cheetham e

    Beri Cheetham

  • Fergus Reide

    Fergus Reid

  • Tim Lindsaye

    Tim Lindsay

  • Suzy Raye

    Suzy Ray

  • Dan Plotkine

    Dan Plotkin

  • Nicola Nimmoe

    Nicola Nimmo

  • Stu McGregore

    Stu McGregor

  • Matt Pallatte

    Matt Pallatt

  • Peter Bennette

    Peter Bennett

  • Julian Frenche

    Julian French

  • Ben Stephense

    Ben Stephens

  • Michael Rubye

    Michael Ruby

  • Matt Klippele

    Matt Klippel

  • Gordon Browne

    Gordon Brown

  • Lesley Alexandere

    Lesley Alexander

  • Cal Jacksone

    Cal Jackson

  • Celeste Cheonge

    Celeste Cheong

  • Beau Frasere

    Beau Fraser

  • Rob Morricee

    Rob Morrice

  • Helen Rainforde

    Helen Rainford

  • Lingzi Yuee

    Lingzi Yue

  • Dan Yardleye

    Dan Yardley

  • Maggie Wonge

    Maggie Wong

  • Richard Staytee

    Richard Stayte

  • John Priore

    John Prior

  • Ryan Scotte

    Ryan Scott

  • Nicola Moffate

    Nicola Moffat

  • Mark Eadee

    Mark Eade

  • Addison Jamese

    Addison James

  • Leontia Fetherstone

    Leontia Fetherston

  • Harriet Hughes-Paynee

    Harriet Hughes-Payne

  • David Bernsteine

    David Bernstein

  • Richard Jonese

    Richard Jones

  • Simon Ward e

    Simon Ward

  • Iain Huntere

    Iain Hunter

  • Roger Parrye

    Roger Parry

  • Richard Nelsone

    Richard Nelson

  • Tim Trottere

    Tim Trotter

  • Ted Kohnene

    Ted Kohnen

  • Tom Kaoe

    Tom Kao

  • Tim Wilcoxe

    Tim Wilcox

  • Awilda Charrieze

    Awilda Charriez

  • Jamie Elliotte

    Jamie Elliott

  • David Worthingtone

    David Worthington

  • Sue Guerreroe

    Sue Guerrero

  • Colin Corbridgee

    Colin Corbridge

  • Marc Keatinge

    Marc Keating

  • Piers Pollocke

    Piers Pollock

  • Eric van den Heuvele

    Eric van den Heuvel

  • Ed Birthe

    Ed Birth

  • Sam Inesone

    Sam Ineson

  • Jeremy Shawe

    Jeremy Shaw

  • David Rolfee

    David Rolfe

  • Darryl Greere

    Darryl Greer

  • Gail Dudlestone

    Gail Dudleston

  • Craig Duxburye

    Craig Duxbury

  • Robin Murraye

    Robin Murray

For new business enquiries please contact Suzy Ray, Group New Business Director, or call 07960 476565